What’s New? celebrates Halloween

In this special Halloween edition of What’s New? Go behind the scenes of one of New England’s scariest attractions, Ghost Ship Harbor, as we revisit the spirits on board of the extremely haunted USS Salem. Chat with the Lizzie Borden B&B’s official psychic Lucky Belcamino and discuss her recent visit to Fall River’s other haunted house called Maplecroft. What’s New for Halloween? Here are your ghoulish co-hosts Sharon Fillyaw and Sam Baltrusis.

What’s New? devours donuts

What’s New? for February 2017

In the February edition of “What’s New? Massachusetts,” head over to Cambridge’s Harvard Square and satiate your Valentine’s Day sweet tooth with the chocolate creations from Somerville on the Charles, a seasonal market featuring heavenly bons bons from Somerville Chocolate’s Eric Parkes and Gate Comme Des Fille’s Alexandra Whisnant.
Chat with Marc Levy, the mastermind behind the online publication Cambridge Day, and learn about the latest developments happening in the city known as the most innovative square mile on the planet. What’s New Massachusetts? Here are your co-hosts Sam Baltrusis and Sharon Fillyaw.